2020 Election

The 2020 general election offered us another big opportunity to bring people together and move us toward the kind of nation we desire and the kind of nation we all deserve.

The 2020 Oregon May Primary Election saw 68% of votes for Democratic presidential candidates go to Joe Biden, and we saw extremely close statewide vote totals for the Democratic nominees for Secretary of State and U.S. Representative from District Two. Locally, we saw Bruce Nichols win reelection to Baker County Commissioner Position 1, and we voted 4-year extensions to the weed control and vector control districts.

Here are our candidates for the November 3, 2020, General Election:

U.S. President

Joe Biden has exceptional breadth and depth of experience. He is a truly decent human being who will unite the nation in our shared values, beliefs, and science – in stark contrast to the current occupant. This is truly a contest for the soul of our nation. With Kamala Harris as Vice President, we have a fighting chance for the positive future we all deserve.

U.S Senator

Jeff Merkley represents rural values. He will continue his lifelong commitment to public service. He will continue to work for us, our families, and our communities – and not for special interests. (His opponent is a nutty “QAnon” believer of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory about “deep state” traitors.)

U.S. Representative – Oregon Congressional District Two

Alex Spenser will work to unify our country in these most turbulent times, while at the same time she will be ready to hit the ground running on foreign affairs. (Visit her web site, and follow her on her Facebook page.) Here is a flyer that she has prepared, including her biography.

Oregon Secretary of State

Shemia Fagan vows to fight for fairness, uphold integrity, and protect the rights of every Oregonian. She never runs from a fight, but steps up to ensure that everyone has a voice. She’s dedicated her career to ensuring that children growing up without much – like she did – still have the opportunity to get ahead and to dream of more.

Oregon State Treasurer

Tobias Read has dedicated his time in public office to helping Oregon develop a stronger financial plan. As State Treasurer, Tobias is working to make Oregon a good financial partner and provide tools and opportunities to help families plan for the future.

Oregon State Attorney General

Ellen Rosenblum has spent her life fighting for and protecting the people of Oregon — as a federal prosecutor, a judge, and now as our Attorney General. Elected in 2012 as Oregon’s 17th Attorney General, Ellen has focused on standing up for the most vulnerable Oregonians, especially children and seniors. She also states: “Now is the time to fundamentally reimagine the relationship between Oregon’s communities and the police.”

Oregon State Senator 30th District

Carina Miller lives on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. She believes: Indigenous knowledge and people are a part of our story, and we can and should lead. She says  “I am from, and for, rural Oregon,” and  “I was raised to know neighbors help neighbors.”

State Representative for House District 60

Beth Spell lives in John Day. She advocates for equal justice, sustainable forests and streams, free pre-school, single payer healthcare, and for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. Here is her candidate statement. Please follow her on Facebook.

State Ballot Measure Recommendations

The Democratic Party of Oregon recommends a “Yes” vote on the four ballot measures on this November’s ballot:

Measure 107 — Campaign Finance Limits Amendment
Measure 108 — E-Cigarette/Tobacco Tax Increase for Health Programs
Measure 109 — Therapeutic use of Psilocybin
Measure 110 — Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment

Here is our 2020 Voters Guide and our 2020 newspaper display ad.

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