Farmer’s Bill of Rights

Nebraska Democrats have put out a Farmer’s Bill of Rights which lays out policies that will prevent big corporate interests from destroying family farms.  Republicans try to present themselves as friends of the family farm, but if one really looks at how they have enabled the corporate domination of agriculture, it is clear that Democrats are the real friends of our cherished family farms.

We Baker County Democrats support these rights. Our farm communities can only succeed when protected from those interests that only care about what wealth it can take out of our communities rather than put it back in.

We call for the right to buy and sell goods in an open market rather than one that forces farmers to buy and sell through corporate entities.  Subsidies should go to those who need them rather than corporate farms that already have built in advantages in the market place.  We call for the end of confiscating family farms through eminent domain for the benefit of corporate demands.  Corporate agriculture must be held to high standards of environmental quality in order to protect farm communities for future generations.  Farmers must be able to repair their own equipment as they see fit and not have to pay repair facilities linked to manufacturers. We ask for the right of farmers to process and sell their goods through independent businesses rather than be forced to sell to national and multinational corporations with little local presence.